Five Of The Biggest Vacuuming Mistakes (And How To Correct Them)

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Vacuuming is an essential part of keeping your home clean and free of dirt and dust. But did you know that there is a right and wrong way to vacuum? That’s right, there are certain techniques and tips you can use to ensure that your vacuuming is done correctly and efficiently. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five of the biggest vacuuming mistakes most people make when vacuuming, and how to correct them to make cleaning day a breeze!

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1. Waiting for the carpet to “look” dirty.

Dirt can actually build up under the fibers of your rug way before your carpet will “look” like it needs to be vacuumed. This dirt and dust can cause your family’s allergies to flare up and may also be the cause of the sniffles as well! Setting a schedule to vacuum can not only help with this, but can also help to keep your carpet clean and fresh, and make it last even longer.

2. Not vacuuming the edges of the carpet with the crevice tool first.

The edges of rooms where the carpet meets the baseboard can hold a lot of dirt and dust, so vacuuming here is critical. Use your vacuum’s crevice tool to clean dust and dirt that has been trapped in these edges. Making sure you vacuum here will also help to prevent your carpet from developing dark soil lines around the edges of your rooms.

3. Not using the right vacuum setting.

Some vacuums automatically adjust according to the type of floor and height of the carpet being vacuumed. For those that do not, it’s imperative to properly adjust your vacuum settings. A too-low setting can damage or crush your carpet, and a too-high setting will not pick up any dirt or dust at all. Being able to feel like the vacuum is attempting to pull itself forward a little is a good sign that you have it adjusted to the correct height.

4. Vacuuming too fast.

Time is your vacuums friend! Vacuuming too quickly, even with the correct settings, does not allow the machine to pick up dirt and dust properly. Vacuuming at a slower pace also gives the brush time to agitate the carpet and stir up any dirt and dust, so that it can be vacuumed up.

5. Vacuuming in only one direction.

We promise we aren’t trying to make you do double the work! Vacuuming in only one direction simply does not remove all of the dirt and dust from your carpet. Because dirt and dust can easily nestle under carpet fibers, vacuuming in both directions (first north/south, then east/west) is the best way to make sure that all dirt and dust are removed from your carpet.


Many of us vacuum until we notice the dust cup is full before stopping to empty and start vacuuming again. Emptying the dust cup once it’s HALF FULL ensures that your vacuum works efficiently and effectively, every time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our vacuuming tips! Check back soon for more great tips, tricks, and info, and check out our Facebook page, where we post even more tips and info!

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