Floor Repair And Restoration


300+ floors repaired and restored to their former glory

Restore And Beautify Your Floors

A leaky refrigerator, constant traffic in your home, long-time furniture movement and rearrangement, and excited pets all leave their mark on hardwood floors, wearing them down and making them unsightly.

Broken and ruined floors are guaranteed to happen over time, but there’s no need to replace them when there’s an easier way to fix them. With professional restoration work and craftsmanship, you can bring your classy, luxurious floors back to life. It’s time for them to shimmer and shine the way they did when you first got them.

Whether it’s wood, tile, or other material, your home deserves a clean, flawless, and perfect floor that you and your loved ones can enjoy and be proud of.

Here's a list of some of the most common problems we can fix for your floors:

Keep Your Home’s Value

Do you remember when you first put your baby on the floor in your home? When you watched them crawl the first time in the living room? And, before you knew it, you were letting them go to take their first steps across the bedroom?

Your home has more value than just money – your floors are the foundation for where precious memories are made between you and those you care about most. It’s common for homeowners to repair their floors because they see it as a worthwhile investment for an upgrade that makes sense for their home and doesn’t break the bank.

If you want to preserve the sentimental value of your original floors, repair and restore them to the charming look you love. Originality is hard to find in today’s market, so keep your dream home looking unique for years to come by making the most of its original features.

Give Your Floor A Makeover In 3 Easy Steps

Your floors will be better than new when you choose us as your flooring company. Enjoy the ride as we do all the work for you and bring your home back up to the elevated standard it belongs in.

1. Phone Consultation

Fill out our form or get in touch with us over the phone. Send us pictures of your current floor so we can get a clear idea of the extent or restoration or repair needed. We’ll give you ballpark pricing and if we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule your in-home consultation.

2. We Update Your Floors

After discussing the fine details, the scope of work, and your budget, we get started on repairing and restoring your floors. Whether it's hardwood, tile, or other type of floor, all you have to do is sit back and watch us make them look like brand new again.

3. Enjoy Your Floors Again

Check out your renewed floors and let us know if it’s what you envisioned. Once we both know they’re perfect, enjoy your beautiful, original floors again and love that refreshed feeling in your home.

Repair And Restoration Prices

Give your floors the update they need without having to replace them, and at prices that make sense for your budget.

Small room floor restoration

Base Repair And Restoration*


Includes a one-day repair or restoration project.

Living room floor that has been restored. Large rectangular window with sunlight shining in.

Average Repair And Restoration*


Includes about a week’s work and full preparation and cleanup.

Floor repaired and restored

High-End Repair And Restoration*


Includes full repair or restoration of a more complicated floor with a design, and full preparation and cleanup.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of repair and restoration and the extent of damage we find. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique repair and restoration project after the in-house consultation.

Repair And Restoration Gallery

Browse the gallery below, find inspiration for your home, and see what to expect when choosing us as your flooring company.


Floors Repaired And Restored


Floors Installed


Floors Refinished

Happy Homeowners Are The Proof

Read what our previous customers experienced when choosing us as their flooring company and see the kinds of relationships we build with our clients.


Read what our previous customers experienced when choosing us as their flooring company and get an idea of how we treat our clients.

Mike & crew did an amazing job. They did our whole house, a two story, in under two weeks. We have a lot of built-in’s and the custom cuts he did are beautiful.

He was very responsive to all our calls and questions and has addressed any and all concerns even after the job was done.



Mike did a very professional job during the install of my vinyl floors. It looks great!

He installed my entryway, living room, kitchen, laundry room and stairs.

The most important to me was how patient he was during the entire process, he took his time and made sure everything was perfect.

He was not in a rush and the final product showed his dedication to his craft. I highly recommend him.



Soto flooring came in and really took care of us from product which is really tough because there are a million options.

They also made the process very easy because remodels can be very irritating. I highly recommend them.


Preserve The Originality Of Your Floors With A Lasting Repair